All Clear™

Kidde Firefighting sub Kidde plc, a leading global supplier of fire and safety products, systems and services purchases exclusive license for "All-Clear"

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All-Clear™ was originally developed for safer chemical and biological decontamination applications for the military, as well as for use by fire/emergency personnel, law enforcement agencies or other first responders to terrorist, HAZMAT or other emergency incidents. Additional testing against the typical organisms found in hospitals and against the Avian Flu virus opens up the possibility of worldwide commercial, industrial and healthcare setting applications. These include treating industrial and infectious waste, the decontamination of aircraft and vehicles arriving from quarantine areas, and agricultural applications such as treating livestock areas to destroy and prevent the spread of infectious diseases in animals.

All-Clear™ is developed to neutralize agents without the harmful effects that most chlorine and oxidizing decontamination agents have on sensitive apparatus like landing gear and brake assemblies, and has proved to be non-corrosive in Boeing Series Corrosion testing.

All-Clear’s™ active ingredients are not rapidly depleted by reaction with other materials, such as dirt and grease, resulting in a long-lasting product. The foam can be dispensed using commonly available fire-fighting equipment in addition to numerous readily available commercial applicators.

The worldwide market for decontamination solutions is emerging and is expected to become significant as government agencies and emergency services establish contingency plans and preparedness for chemical or biological attack such as Sarin and Anthrax, and uncontrolled spread of naturally occurring infectious diseases such as drug resistant Staph, SARS, and Avian Flu.

For commercial sale and use within the United States, the EPA is reviewing the submittal of All-Clear™ for registration as a sterilizer (sporicide) and disinfectant.

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